Purchase information

If you are interested in one of my animals, please contact me via e-mail: info@snakecanyon.de, or give me a call: +491754723852. I do not answer Whats App or SMS!

Please let me know the ID number and description of the animal, than I will answer your request as fast as possible.

International shipping


I can ship animals to Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Norway and some parts of northern Italy. 
The shipping costs are around 60 €. WAII papers for Norway need only 3 weeks.
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United Kingdom

Shipping to the UK via a reptile courier cost around 50 £.

United States of America

Shipping to the USA is possible. Charge for ballpythons (Python regius):

100 $ for the cites papers (no matter how many animals) + shipping cost (include shipping inside the US): 

195 $ - one animal
295 $ - two animals
375 $ - three animals

Non cites animals, like cornsnakes, cost (include shipping inside the US):

125 $ - one animal
175 $ - two animals
225 $ - three animals


Export via a switzer reptile company is possible four times a year. WAII papers need only 3 weeks.
I can send animals to a packet station in Germany, near the switzer / austrian border. You can pick up your animals there.


Shipping to other countrys in the world, like Russia, Ukraine, Canada, South Africa, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan is possible as well, please contact me for details.



Reptile shows

I attend the following reptile show 4 times a year as a vendor:

- Terraristika Hamm, Germany

Delivery to the Snakeday in Houten (netherlands) on request.