About me

Welcome to my homepage! Nice to see you here!

My name is Andreas Wichelhaus. Me and my family are living in the south western part of Germany,
also known as the "Toskana of Germany".

I am keeping and breeding different species of reptiles since almost for over 30 years. Back in time, when I was seven years old, I bred my first newts in a tank. A few years later I kept leopardgeckos and finally my first snakes. 1998 I got my first ball python following by a corn snake.

Today both of them are the main part of my snake collection. Meanwhile I specialised on keeping and breeding rare colour mutations. Origin, health an appearance of my animals are very important for me, this kind of quality is your benefit! 100% satisfaction is my goal.

Hopefully you be found of my page, wich should inspire you for this beautiful hobby.
You can reach me anytime via e-mail, or just give me a call.

Explore the canyon,


Andreas Wichelhaus